Local Atractions


Ensenada nightlife really gets going on the weekends. It is a city with entertaining clubs and legendary cantinas. To get started, dine at one of the many fine restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes enhanced by the best of Baja California's wines.

Hussong's Cantina is a place where people of all ages, from the young to octogenarians, gather for a glass of beer. In this bar, don't expect a fancy evening show. Here, the deal is pretty simple: beer, tequila, and complimentary peanuts accompanied by the tunes of whichever street musician happens to pass by.

Most of the clubs are found on the streets of López Mateos and Riveroll. Here, there is a mix of tourists and locals and live music in a variety of styles guaranteed to pull you onto the dance floor.

Seafront Walking Area

The Puerto de Ensenada's Seafront Walking Area, called the Ventana al Mar (Window to the Sea) is 1.1 kilometers long and 10 meters wide and contains areas recreation and relaxation. This area hosts over 50 cultural, educational, and sporting events each year, including whale-watching.

Riviera del Pacífico

Don't miss the Riviera del Pacifico, a one-time glamour spot converted into the social, civic and cultural Center of Ensenada. It was especially popular during Prohibition, but when that ended and Mexico outlawed gambling, the complex lost its cachet.

To wander slowly around, through the two-level ballroom with its wrought-iron chandeliers, into the now-empty lobby with its gorgeous grillwork on the doors, painted ceilings, tile floor and huge chandeliers, and out to the peaceful gardens, is to be a world away from Ensenada's tourist district. There are vintage photos of Ensenada and the Riviera del Pacifico, beautiful hand-painted tiles in the patio, and a quiet, dark wood paneled bar, the Andaluz, where you can drink the famous "Margarita".

La Bufadora

La Bufadora (The Snorter) creates a spectacular display as incoming swells push seawater into an underground canyon and out through a hole in the rocks. The resulting explosion of water and spray reaches heights of 25–30 meters.

The sight has been developed with a small visitor center and restrooms. A number of food vendors line the road to the parking area.

First street promenade

The First Street Promenade runs eight blocks down the waterfront from Castillo Street to Ruiz Street. This is the main stretch in Ensenada. It is filled with shops and open air booths featuring plenty of shopping opportunities for tourists. Hand-crafted items, such as leather goods, pottery, blankets, glassware, silver and jewelry, are readily available at bargain prices.

Museum and Cultural Centers in Ensenada

Ensenada's museums provide a glimpse of life in Baja California from across the ages. The Regional Historical Museum, it's an anthropological study of the Yuman, a nomadic hunting people. Here you'll find photographs from the nineteenth century, weapons, and musical instruments.

One of the newest museums in Ensenada is the Ensenada State Arts Center (Cearte), which opens all week and showcases contemporary art, it´s located in the main Boulevard.