Outdoor Activities


Conditions for surfing on Ensenada's Pacific Coast are ideal throughout the year. San Miguel is a popular surfing spot in Ensenada, with a rocky beach that has a thick layer of seaweed. Many of these beaches are also suitable for kayaking.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing in Ensenada is a big tourist attraction. In the Bay of Ensenada, there are urchin, lobster, shrimp, and squid. And Punta Banda, south of the bay, is also a good fishing spot. Several important fishing tournaments occur in Ensenada including the Big Family Sport Fishing Tournament and the International Game Fish Circuit's Governor's Cup, a major competition inaugurated in 2009.

For visitors new to sport fishing, there are guides and equipment rental, including boats for hire, in Ensenada. Whether on a yacht or a small boat, catching your own fish is an invigorating and memorable experience.

Scuba Diving

La Bufadora is an excellent place to begin a scuba-diving tour of the Baja Peninsula if you don't mind cold water. Its pinnacles, kelp beds, and giant green anemones make for memorable dives. Conditions in the bay are best for intermediate to advanced divers, as there is a good amount of surge except on the calmest of days. Currents keep the water here a few degrees colder than temperatures in San Diego. You'll need lots of neoprene or, preferably, a dry suit to be comfortable. You can rent gear and reserve a boat from many local companies.

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports in Ensenada often include paragliding. The distinctive geography of northern Baja California, with its mountains and sea, makes the municipality of Ensenada well-suited for this activity. It is so popular here that this region was selected to host the 2011 Ensenada Open, regulated and certified by the International Aeronautical Federation.

Rally racing is also popular, and Ensenada is the starting point for Baja 1000 rally, which has been going since 1967. In this international-level road race, the drivers go through semi-desert, valleys, forests, and beaches before reaching the checkered flag in the port of La Paz.