From the US border there are two ways to get to Ensenada, we suggest taking the toll road. This road is in good condition and has less traffic than the old road.

As soon as you cross the border follow the road signs to meet any who check "Rosarito - Ensenada Scenic Road" or "Toll Highway".

You will drive about 1 hour and 15 minutes (70 miles), there are three toll booths in total before arriving in Las Rosas. The first toll station is right after Playas de Tijuana down the ramp, the second is about 15 miles south, pass Rosarito Beach and the third is in San Miguel, the hotel is 4 miles south after passing the final toll is on the right side of the road, drive slowly so you do not miss out. Finally see the beautiful building of Hotel Las Rosas.

To help you out, we leave a virtual guide on how to get

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