Plan your trip

Ensenada is a port city that offers great versatility in its activities, with friendly people and great weather, is also the ideal place to sponsor international events.

This city is well known for its great locations, an ideal place to celebrate a wedding, engagement or a getaway.

Las Rosas Hotel & Spa invites you to be part of this experience and offers a full range of services that will assist you on your visit.

To get from San Ysidro´s border to Ensenada.

Schedule the border crossing early to avoid slow traffic. Once in Tijuana follow the signs to Rosarito and Ensenada. There will be three toll booths on the highway; the toll rate is $ 2.35 dollars or $ 29 pesos. You can pay in dollars or in pesos, but not mixed coins.

The road is in good condition and is a pleasant road. The scenic route from Tijuana to Ensenada is one of the most famous tourist attractions worldwide.

To reach the hotel

Las Rosas Hotel & Spa is 10 minutes after the last tool booth before you arrive to Ensenada. (Map)